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Welcome to our news page, where we can share with you what we are learning, what we are doing, and all the things that make us excited about what we do.

SITES...its all happening

POSTED 01/04/2018

Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES) is starting to take hold. This program puts real sustainability in writing - no greenwashing. When a Landscape Architect sets out to do something, its usually done well. We're more excited about the content of the program than the official ratings, but we're up on those too - so here we go!

Black Locust Wood

POSTED 12/13/2017

Black Locust is the new black. Or the new IPE.

Check out this ASLA Blog on Black Locust timber. Is this the wood we've been waiting for? As more people realize that plastic composite lumber is quite undsireable to be around, what can we recommend for outdoor wood features? Cedar and redwood take forever to grow. IPE lasts 50+ years, but we're wiping out the rainforest for it. Time to innovate!

We Grow Garden

POSTED 06/20/2017

Check out this piece in Bellingham Alive magazine featuring a pro-bono project that is very fun to be a part of!

Stormwater and People - Together Again

POSTED 06/12/2017

The EPA has just published a nice document on the interface between natural stormwater strategies and public open space. These two things are like peas and carrots! Check out this document. It's a good read - or just a good skim with pictures! And don't miss our own local Cromwell Park in Shoreline featured in the document!

Your soil is not bad.

POSTED 03/13/2017

Bad soil. What did the soil do wrong? Was it born bad? Nature or Nurture? These are ridiculous questions. Soil is never bad, however it is sometimes unsuitable for what you want to do with it. It literally pays to ask the question: Is it suitable for what I want to do with it and what would it take to correct it if it is not? James Urban will now tell us.

Urban Soil: The Final Frontier

POSTED 02/28/2017

Urban Soils. What can be said? Usually, nothing is said. There is nothing to know except it is probably "bad", right? You just till it and bring in amendments? This is our industry best practice and it is always something that has bothered me. Entire industries encompass the agricultural soil realm. But our Urban plants and trees? Cue cricket sounds.

Horticultureland 2017

POSTED 02/17/2017

Calling all garden dreamers! The 2017 Northwest Flower and Garden Show is February 22-26 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Head over to see some new plant varieties, art, demonstrations and most importantly, inspiration!


POSTED 01/27/2017

The Trumpeter Swans have started flying north and the Himalayan blackberries are starting to look aggressive. What does this mean? Pre-spring. Here are some things you can do in your garden right now:

License on the Line

POSTED 01/24/2017

The District of Columbia finally joined the 50 states of the union in the licensure of Landsacpe Architects. The effort to acheive this was long and arduous, mostly because lawmakers do not know what we do. Do you?